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personalized christmas ornaments customized rustic pillow covers How to Make a Buttonhole on Your Sewing Machine

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Most of us understand how to sew on a button. If not, we have tutorials on sewing them on by hand as well as by machine. Pretty darn easy either way, and not scary at all. But buttonholes are a whole different matter. At the end of your project, after you've put in so much work, it's time to put in the buttonholes. You should be happy you're almost done. But for many of us, beads of sweat start to form across our brows and we wonderpersonalized christmas ornaments, "Am I about to ruin everything by botching the buttonholes?" Well, you can stop sweating, because it's really not that hard once you break it down into individual steps.?

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We've put together complete instructions on how to put in a buttonhole for both automatic and basic sewing machines. From marking where it goes, to hiding that final thread tail, we've got you covered. Stop sweating and start reading.

As Janome is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor here at Sew4Home, we are using their machines (the top-of-the-line Horizon Memory Craft 15000 and the entry level MyStyle 100 mechanical) for our buttonhole demonstrations.?

Before you start, you should be familiar with the most commonly used buttonholes and what they're designed to do.

Below is a Square buttonhole, which is widely used on medium to heavy weight fabrics. It's a standard buttonhole for garments, and the one you would be most likely to use in home décor projects. You can also make this style of buttonhole on even the most of basic sewing machines.

Buttonhole number two is rounded at one end and is used on fine to medium weight fabrics, especially for blouses or children's clothes.

A buttonhole rounded at both ends is best on fine, delicate fabrics, such as silk.

The keyhole buttonhole is widely used on medium to heavy weight fabrics. It's also suitable for larger and thicker buttons because the keyhole at one end allows a bit of an extra opening to push in a thicker button.

The open-effect buttonhole shown below is a stretch buttonhole, which can be used on stretch fabrics or on standard fabrics for a decorative effect.

A second option for knits is called, appropriately enough, a knit buttonhole. As with the stretch buttonhole above, this style could also be used on regular fabrics to create a decorative touch.?

You can also make a buttonhole with cording embedded in the sides. This technique makes the buttonhole sturdier and can also be used for a subtle decorative effect.

Turning any of the buttonhole styles into a corded version is easy. You simply run your decorative cord (or thick thread or floss) through the guides on your buttonhole foot and secure the ends with a knot. Then simply sew your buttonhole as normal. The machine will automatically encase the cording in the stitches.

When finished, pull on one of the thread tails until the loop of cording disappears. Then use a thick needle to pull your other thread tails from the front to the back. Knot the tails at the back to secure.?

One of the reasons we love the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 from Janome is how easily it does buttonholes (13 styles are included). It's as automatic as they come and the results are always beautiful.

Always test sew your buttonhole before sewing it on your project. And be sure you're testing under exactly the same conditions. That means on a scrap of the same fabric with the same stabilizer and using the same thread.?

When all the buttonholes are complete, you'll need to open the center slit to accept a button. There are two methods for doing this.

Whichever method you choose, it's a good idea to pin the ends of your buttonhole. The pins act as a stop so you don't accidentally cut through the stitching.

The most basic sewing machines use a four-step process to sew a buttonhole. It requires a little extra measuring on your part. And when you're sewing, you'll need to manually stop at the appropriate buttonhole length.

This demo was done on a Janome MyStyle 100 mechanical machine.

After you've done it a few times, you'll see that making a 4-step buttonhole isn't any more difficult than doing any other stitch. You just need to think ahead and sew carefully.

We'd like to thank the helpful staff at Paramount Sewing &; Vacuum in Eugene, Oregon for their technical advice on this article. They are one of the best places on the West Coast to buy a Janome.?

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