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personalized christmas ornaments Romantic Spring Boho Dreamcatcher Wreath personalised birthday gifts

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Hello everyone!!! Connie Hall here today to share a Romantic Spring Boho Dreamcatcher Canvas and Burlap wreath.

lace pillowcases

Step 1. Gather Your supplies. For this project you will need:Canvas Corp Brands Burlap Sheet 30 x 36Canvas Corp Brands Burlap Sheet.Large crochet doilySmall crochet doilyLace trimWire Wreath formScissors,?Rulerpersonalized christmas ornaments,?Glue gun and Glue sticks.

Step 2. Take burlap 30 x 36 sheet and cut 5 inch strips.? You will have 6 Strips.

Step 3. Take burlap strip. Go under wire in center and pull burlap on both sides of wire.? Secure with hot glue.

Step 4. Continue to scrunch and pull burlap on wire.? Each strip will fill the section on this form.? Hot glue gun the end in place.

Step? 5. Continue to Scrunch all the burlap on the fire form. in each of the 6 sections.

Step 7. Fluff up the burlap.

Back side view of the wreath.

Step 8. Take doily and secure the edges to the wire using glue gun on back of wreath.

Hold ends of doily in place while the glue dries.

Step 9. Take lace, ribbons and hang from bottom of wreath. Attach to wires.

Step 10. I went back and took chunky lace to cover the inside of the wires.

I used the glue gun to attach the lace.

Step 11. Now it’;s time to create and add embellishments. I wanted to add some color and had this pink burlap so I cut it into strips and started creating ribbon roses.

A. Glue the corner down.

B. Roll the burlap in and turn the tail behind. Glue the tail as you go around the bud.

C. Turn fabric back and twist bud creating a rough but beautiful rose.

I made 6 out of the burlap I had.

Step 12. Place roses on wreath and glue down with hot glue.

?Step 13. Add another doily to the center of the wreath form.

You can add more embellishments if you wish.

I hope you make a Romantic Spring Boho Dreamcatcher wreath too.

Thanks for joining me.

Connie Hall

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