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Sally Schneider

Over many years of cooking professionally, amidst sharp knives and fire, I learned that an accidental cut or burn was in fact a signal: a message from myself to myself that I was distracted. I needed to listen deeply to what was going on, or at the very least, slow down and take care.

linen sheets

I got that message yet again when?I recently nicked myself cutting a cabbage and ran to my medicine?cabinet to patch the wound. Yeah, there IS a lot going on…; …;. including MANY cool possibilities in the realm of band-aid!

Sally Schneider

My aging collection?of uniquepersonalized christmas ornaments, not-flesh-colored band-aids made me take a look at newer offerings. You can buy?bacon band-aids, Abraham Lincoln band-aids, affirmation band-aids, Vuitton band-aids, Keep Calm and Carry On band-aids, bling band-aids, Star Wars band-aids, planet band-aids, baseball band-aids, camouflage band-aids, even…;Jesus band-aids sold as “;Accoutrements Jesus Bandages“;. Who knew??

Although I’;ve always enjoyed classic graphic?Neon band-aids, I could see just committing to a box of hot pink beauties…;

Crayon band-aids?have a kind of pop, Warholesque?quality…;

Animal print safari band-aids?are always chic…;

…;though I find iridescent sparkly band-aids perfect anytime, anywhere, especially on a night out…;(Wound-less, I used to occasionally wear them like jewelry …;)

Sally Schneider

Fashion designer?Cynthia Rowley has come up with pretty some stylish ones

Truth is, I’;ve devised my own band-aids?many times out of masking tape and gauze, for lack of the real thing. They’;re a few steps down from?elaborate DIY’;s for band-aids made of washi tape, the lovely, colorful lightweight Japanese masking tape (a trove here).

Me, I can’;t really be bothered with cutting washi tape carefully to perfectly cover a band-aid. I’;d just cover the would with an ordinary sheer strip?and slap a rectangle of washi tape over it.

Among?the best band-aids I’;ve seen are these die-cut beauties by Glennz:


For more possibilities in the realm of band-aid, check out this Pinterest Board devoted to them.

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