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personalized christmas ornaments How to build a budget-friendly desk - sofa pillow covers

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Previously from?The Block NZ, Marty joins the YH&;G team to show us how to put together a desk that’;s?kind on your time and pocket

farmhouse lumbar pillow

Materials you will need2 x bookcases;? 2 x cans spray paint;? 18mm plywood;? Click-in flooring;? Wood glue;? Timber surround;? Nails;? Clear varnish;? 8 screws

Tools you will needTape measure;?Hand saw;?Hammer;?Square;?Pencil;?Sandpaper block;?Hand drill;?Paint brush

Step 1Apply 2 coats of white spray paint to bookcases, leaving to dry totally between coats.

Step 2Measure and cut your 18mm-thick plywood to the size you desire for the desk top. We cut ours to 1200mm x 500mm. Measure and cut the click-in flooring to the same size.

Step 3Using wood glue, glue the flooring onto the plywoodpersonalized christmas ornaments, making sure it fits perfectly.

Step 4Cut timber surround to fit along all sides of desk top and mitre corners. Glue surround to edges and, if needed, hammer in a fine nail at each corner for extra security. When glue has set hard, give whole top a good sand so edging is perfectly flush with top.

Step 5Give the desk top and sides at least 3 coats of varnish to protect the surface (we used clear but you can use a tint if you wish).

Step 6Place desk top on bookcases, ensuring overhang is even on both sides and it is balanced, from front to back. Using a drill, screw in 4 screws per bookcase, as shown in photo (make sure screw length is less than the combined width of desktop and bookcase top).

Marty’;s Tips

Created by: Catherine Wilkinson and Martin Laidlaw

Tools Used: ?Scissors, Paper Cutter

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