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personalized christmas ornaments Halloween Wreath – making the bones look real personalised birthday gifts

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Halloween is all about fun and scary. Our crew member, Kimberly decided to take bought skull and skeleton decorations one step further and, instead of using them in their plain white/yellow form, she made them look like they’;re real…; How? She used Tattered Angels mists and layered and played with them until she achieved the look she was going for.?

Just how scary will the Halloween wreath be with a real skull and bony hands…;

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I bought some skulls at the dollar tree for Halloween decorations. I looked at them when I got home and thought –; Why did I buy these? They look cheap and not real at all…; Ohpersonalized christmas ornaments, man…;?–; I thought to myself -What can I do to make them look better? …;hmm…;

So I went to dig in my stash of Tattered Angels mists and pulled out my all time favorite colors –; Cardboard, Iron and Ivory…; I also needed some white?gesso,?paper towels and a paint brush.

First, I painted all the items with white gesso –; this creates perfect base for further painting.

When the gesso dried, ?I took my favorite Cardboard mist and started misting. I was a little impatient and pulled my heatgun to dry the paint.

Now I took a paint brush and Iron mist and painted the dark areas –; like the eyes and nose holes. Again, I used my heat gun to let them dry.

Next I sprayed some Ivory mist all over …; let dry.

You can keep playing with layers until you get the desired look. By the way, I rubbed off the teeth with paper towel to get rid of some of the paint.

You can take a damp paper towel and rub off some areas for highlights. Don’;t worry if you remove too much –; just go back and spray more layers.

Oh, I’;m so happy how my skulls turned out!!! Now it’;s time to use them in a spooky project!!!

I used the skull and hands that I prepared earlier. I added them to a grapevine wreath that I painted black. I also painted a cardboard witch hat with High Impact Black paint and added a Canvas Corp Black Burlap Flower and some bling to the center to go on top of my witch skull. To the wreath, I added some flowers and ribbon to finish it off.

I’;m so happy how it all turned out!!! It will fit my this year’; witch theme perfectly!!!

–; Kimberly –;

Frame them!

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