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Welcome to my annual Celebrate Summer Series, where I introduce you to a few of my fellow bloggers and their creative ideas! Brittany (click here to read her?fantastic blog!) is sharing one of my favorite?things! DIY Lavender Dryer Bags are one of my favorites from Trader Joe’;s! I like using them on our sheets and down comforters.?

Hi, everyone! I’;m really excited to be here guest posting on Kim’;s site?today. My name is Brittany, and I blog about DIY and simple living at by Brittany Goldwyn. Today I am sharing a tutorial about how to make knock-off Trader Joe’;s lavender dryer bags.

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I absolutely love these things–;one bag can be used on multiple dryer loadspersonalized christmas ornaments, and they don’;t use any artificial fragrance. But they are just dried lavender flowers in a bag, so one day it dawned on me that I could make my own for even less than I could buy them for at TJ’;s.

Check out a comparison…;mine is the one on the left…;the TJ’;s one is on the right! And they smell exactly the same.

Here’;s how you make them!

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of 3 in x 4 in fabric. I used a rotary cutter, which made it super easy to get the edges even.

Step 2: Sew three of the edges shut, making a little pocket.

Step 3: Fill it with 3–4 tbsp of dried lavender flowers and sew the opening shut.


-Use the bags for 5–10 dryer loads. Sometimes I extend mine a few loads by dripping a few drops of essential oil straight on to the bag.

-If you want to avoid cutting and most of the sewing, you can use here. This would be much easier and more economical if you were making a big batch of bags.

-If you want to switch up your scents, eucalyptus leaves, rose petals, and rosemary are all great natural scents that you can use alone or mix and match.

-To make a version of this baggie that you can use for longer than 5–10 times, make a baggie with a sewn-on Velcro closure. When you need to freshen it up, just open it and replace the dried flowers.

-If you like this project, you might like my homemade rosemary and lavender carpet powder or my DIY baked bath salts tutorial!


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