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personalized christmas ornaments Beautiful Budget Bedroom Ideas – Part 5 - Arabian Nights funny cushion covers

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How can you re-create a luxurious Arabian Nights style bedroom with lots of spice? We have some great ideas to get you started and better still how to achieve the look on a budget. A beautiful Arabian night's bedroom is going to turn heads with its bold and gold colour selections and unique décor accessories.

It is with the colour of your Arabian inspired bedroom that you can really get creative with. When we think of Arabia and the Middle East, we are always reminded of the colourful bazaars that are so lively and fascinating to browse around - a real feast for the eyes. Whatever colours you go for, whether it be blue, pink, purple, orange or a mixture make them boldpersonalized christmas ornaments, loud and proud.

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A midnight blue can work well in the bedroom and as far as colour goes, you are not limited to just the four walls, ceilings can be painted too and even old furniture updated with a splash of coloured paint. With bold colours you bring warmth and sensuality. which is exactly what Arabian nights call for. Gold is also an essential to this bedroom design, but add it sparingly in fabrics or accessories.

Wooden flooring suits this theme well, but carpets or tiles will work too. To keep to a budget, try to work with what you have got as much as possible as new flooring options can be expensive. If you do have wooden flooring you could sand it down and go with a light shade of brown, followed up with a coating of acrylic varnish. If you have carpets - do you know the state of the floor beneath?

Many home owners find that the old wooden floorboards can be given a fresh life with sanding and varnishing, they don't have to be perfect either, an antique look enhances this style. As we mentioned before, take advantage of your old furniture and give it a fresh lick of paint and some detail, plastic jewels, brass sheeting cut into Arabian style shapes. Creativity is key.

We would love to have silk bedding, but a cheaper alternative is to use satin. Satin can actually work much better with the Arabian night's bedroom design as it reflects light and has more of a sheen. Have a look around for satin fabrics in green, blue, pink or purple for duvet covers. You might even like the appearance of those with a simple gold detail. Experiment with voile curtains in the Arabian bedroom because they offer so much variety. There are many colours available and this semi-transparent material makes them perfect for letting in just enough light. The cost is favourable too , so treat yourself to a few different colours and gather them all together for a sheer and floaty look.

Accessorise with scented candles such as rose or frankincense. Have a look around online for gold or other shiny metals, you may find mirrors, candle holders and ornaments that will fit nicely into your newly styled bedroom. There is no need to go over the top here, just one or two items will be fine. Finally, cushions in satin or other sensual curtain fabrics should adorn your bed and if space provides you can even throw a few on the floor to lounge on!

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