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personalized christmas ornaments 7 Ideas for Recharging Your Bedroom Space funny cushion covers

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Is your bedroom décor stuck in a rut? Are you suffering from major boredom in the bedroom, style-wise? Then it’;s time to spice things up a bit.?Here are seven ways to revitalize your bedroom decor—and make your escape from the rest of the world an enjoyable one.

1.???? Change Your Look with a Headboard

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Not only does an upholstered headboard add instant style to any bedroom, it also gives you a chance to infuse your own personality into your room. Make it masculine with straight lines and leather or go glamorous with a sultry shape, luxe material and nail head trim. You can’;t loose with any combination you choose.

2.???? Create a Focal Point

Make a statement on the wall space above your headboard with a striking focal point. Consider hanging a large-scale mirror or artwork, creating a mini-gallery with a grid of framed photos, or framing your bed with a panel of fabric for welcome pattern and color. Orpersonalized christmas ornaments, try a combination of any of the above as we’;ve done here.

3.???? Hang a Chandelier Over Your Bed?

Once reserved for grand entrances and formal dining rooms, chandeliers have made their way into the bedroom. And why shouldn’;t you add the same kind of luxurious ambiance to your personal space? Draw the eye to the main feature in your room by hanging your lighting fixture centered over your bed. Just be sure to leave enough clearance so you won’;t bump your head when you sit up in bed.

4.???? Float Your Bed

Consider floating your bed away from the walls for a change of pace. It may feel a little unorthodox, but you might find that it opens up the room, creating a spacious feeling and improving the traffic flow. Depending on your space, you can float your bed at an angle or move it to the center of the room to create functionality and visual interest.?

5.???? Play with Patterns

The bedroom provides plenty of opportunities to make a splash with patterns – so do! Start with the centerpiece of your room, the bed. Look for a comforter in a show-stopping print, then layer in accenting prints with your throw pillows, seating, rug or window treatments. Using a variety of patterns adds tons of visual interest, and as long as you mix the scale of the prints and use a cohesive color palette to pull it all together, you’;ll love the look.

6.???? Throw Down a Rug

Give yourself a warm surface to walk on when your feet hit the floor in the morning with an area rug. The right rug also enhances your decorating scheme by adding coordinating color and texture. If you choose a pattern, be sure to pull at least one of the colors from your bedding, wall art or window treatments. Alternatively, if you already have a lot of pattern in your room, go easy on the eyes with a solid color.

7.???? Add a Bench

The foot of the bed is a natural place for extra seating. Add a bench or ottoman to create a comfortable spot to sit and tie your shoes, toss an extra blanket or, yes, to even throw your clothes. Better yet, make it upholstered for that extra hit of color.

My daughter lost water bottle after water bottle in elementary school. The night before her first day in middle school, I decided to fix the problem for her for good by sewing a water bottle strap holder which is permanently attached to her backpack and allows her to easily take out or put in the bottle to drink or refill. The bottle is also clasped by a jump ring and metal swivel clasp and cord to the top handle on her backpack. The possibility of her losing her bottle again is slim unless she threw it to trash can after drinking. Got water bottle losing kids? Follow along please.

Oh my word, you guys….I’m cracking up about the costume I’m sharing today!? And the younger the child is that I make a costume for, the more I sit and laugh as I’m sewing up each part of it.? HA!? There’s just something so dang cute about tiny little costumes!? But yes, we’re continuing on with our theme of Greek Mythology Characters and in case you missed them, Elli’s Greek Goddess Artemis costume is HERE, Connor’s Greek God Poseidon Costume is HERE, and Chloe’s Greek Goddess Demeter Costume is HERE.

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