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Looking for cool and stylish studio apartment ideas? Perhaps you are a student trying to find a chic and affordable accommodation in the city, or an artistic individual who prefers smaller, cozier homes? If so, this article is for you! We have carefully selected the 50 very best suggestions for furnishing a one-bedroom flat.

You can’;t deny the fact that small apartments have a lot of charm. They are often the preferred choice of housing for young professionals, couples, and students. But how does one decorate a studio without making it look cluttered? Well, first of allpersonalized christmas ornaments, consider going back to the basics. Decide what your priorities are, and furnish your compact home accordingly, clearing out all unnecessary items.

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If your main priority is having a good night’;s sleep, here is a nifty tip: use thick blackout curtains to separate your sleeping area from the rest of the flat. They are very affordable, functional, and easy to install. All you need are the right curtain rods or rails. Once done, you will have complete privacy, and will be able to enjoy a healthier, more restful sleep. Besides, blackout curtains are great for keeping the morning sunlight away. The only downside is that they can make your studio seem smaller. If you are willing to look past that, however, they are indeed a great option!

Foodies, who love cooking a healthy home meal, should consider investing in a quality extractor hood with filter for their stove. This will help them get rid of food odours and keep their home fresh. Alternatively, they could choose a sliding or pocket door, separating the kitchen area from the rest of the studio. Depending on the make and materials, these can cost anything from 300 to well over a thousand.

Mezzanine beds are an excellent option for people who want more free room in their studio. Combining comfort with useful storage facilities, these beds are a great choice for small homes. And if you would like to see some visual representations of our studio apartment ideas, check out the gallery below!

Here are some great ideas for optimizing your space:

Nice and cozy studio decoration for a couple:

Small does not equal shabby! Check out this amazing 20m2 Indonesian flat, complete with a slick, space-saving folding bed:

Creative and original idea for furnishing a studio apartment:

Isn’;t this one-room home furnished to perfection?

Stylish student accommodation in white and pale blue:

Affordable, yet functional –; the winning combination for studio?apartments:

Truly inspirational home decoration:

One of our favourite 20m2 studio apartment ideas:

Opt for light walls and furniture in vibrant colors:

Nordic-style student flat:

Transform your studio apartment into a cutting edge designer pad!

Another chic suggestion:

Beautiful light beige decor:

Transform your 20m2 studio apartment into a cozy little nest:

Arty and minimalistic one-room home:

Industrial decor is still a big hit, especially when it comes to studio apartments:

A beautiful suggestion with sheer white curtains:

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