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Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few months, you have probably noticed that slime is an absolute hit with adults and kids alike. And no wonder! This gooey mush is not only tons of fun to play with, but doubles as an effective stress reliever. While you can easily buy it in numerous varieties, colors and consistencies, both in toy shops and online storespersonalized christmas ornaments, it is a lot more entertaining to make it yourself! And to prove how fun and easy it is, we have decided to devote today’;s article on making and appreciating slime. Scroll bellow, and you will find our very special fluffy slime recipe. It will help you make extra soft and bouncy goo, and can be achieved both with and without using borax. Also included are 85 amazing slime varieties, that you can easily recreate at home. And if you’;re looking for more fun projects, check out our DIY section!

Now, let’;s get started!

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Super fluffy slime recipe (with borax)

What you’;ll need:

How to make it:

If you’;d like to make slime with your little ones, and are reluctant to use Borax, we have another great fluffy slime recipe you can try!

Super fluffy slime recipe (without borax)

What you’;ll need:

How to make it:

You can keep the slime white, or add any color of your choice!

This fluffy slime recipe is so easy, that it’;s even suitable for very young children

Mixing thoroughly is the key!

Adding glitter will make the process more fun!

Bonus recipe –; super stretchy green slime

Super stretchy green slime

What you’;ll need:

How to make it:

We oped for green, but you can naturally use any other color you like

The sand will make the texture of your slime really unique…;

…;while the starch helps it all come together

The finished product should look something like this

Don’;t forget –; you can shaving cream for a softer, fluffier goo

How cool is this galaxy slime?

Create a perfect rainbow, in the palms of your hands!

Fluffy slime in a lovely teal color

Soft and mushy –; how can you resist playing with it?

Clear slime is one of our favorites

Glitter makes everything better!

We just love this cool golden slime

Slime is also a great way to teach toddlers about different textures

Absolutely dreamy!

Bubble gum or sticky slime?

Some more gorgeous rainbow-colored creations

Gold and silver slime with plenty of glitter

How cool is this metallic effect?

Kids will love these slime creations, inspired from their favorite cartoons

Snow-like slime for little “;Frozen”; fans

This pumpkin slime is perfect for Halloween!

Make your own “;Minions”; slime pots!

We wish we could get our hands on this amazing watermelon slime!

Glue, contact lens solution, shaving?cream and a pinch of baking soda –; all you need to make basic slime

One of the newest slime hits is clear slime decorated with stickers

One batch of slime = hours of fun!

Fluffy, buttery sticky or stretchy –; slime is fun in all of its forms!

We hope you’;ve enjoyed our selection!

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