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custom christmas gifts tom sach’s plywood fridge a brilliant lesson in color geometric cushion covers

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After we posted Tom Sach’;s wonderful ‘;love letter to plywood‘;, and mentioned our idea to clad our?ancient fridge in plywood, a reader ?sent us the results of her hungry search for MORE Tom Sachs. Somewhere along the line she stumbled on Sach’;s video COLOR, about the strict paint color code he uses in his studio. But it goes way beyond that subject. It will really make you begin to notice colors –; the particular color of the colors all around us.

The whole world as we experience visually comes to us through the mystic reality of color.

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If you don’;t have time to cycle through whitecustom christmas gifts, olive drab, yellow, red and want just a taste, check out blue at 13:15, or ?jump ahead to black 18:40, where you’;ll find James Brown singing “;I’;m Black and I’;m Proud”;, the black fridge, and one of the best illustrations of paint sheen we’;ve seen anywhere (Benjamin Moore, take a lesson). It’;ll make you want to mess around with some paint, for sure. (Video link here.)

Sach’;s black fridge has inspired us to take our old fridge into the realm of plywood, soon.

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