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custom christmas gifts customized rustic pillow covers How to Install Metal Grommets on Your Sewing Projects

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Sometimes, you cross something off your "give-it-a-go" list simply because it looks too hard. But once you do finally try, maybe with someone’s help the first time out, you often discover it wasn’t as hard as you thought!?Such is the case with the phobia many sewers have when it comes to inserting metal grommets. Since these are usually installed with large machines or grommet presses in commercial production, people think they can’t replicate the professional look at home. It's one of those sewing applications many simply refuse to attempt. Whether it’s the actual installation process, getting the spacing just right, cutting the holes in the fabric to the exact size, or all of the above; we're here to prove you can do this at home and get a professional result. We’ve installed a grommet or two (or 100) here in the Sew4Home studios and will share with you all we've learned. Besides... getting to use a hammer in the sewing process can be very therapeutic!

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To begin, grommets can also be known as eyelets. Many people use the terms interchangeably, referring to eyelets when they're small-ish and grommets when they're large-ish. In addition, if you see a sewing project that refers to eyelets, make sure to confirm if it’s the kind you install or the ones you can sew with your machine. Many upper-end sewing or sewing/embroidery machines offer an eyelet option within their selection of buttonholes.?

At the end of the steps for handling the average grommetcustom christmas gifts, you'll find additional instructions for working with heavy-duty, screw-together grommets as well as tiny, one-piece eyelets.

In general, grommets are available in metal, rubber (for industrial purposes), and plastic (snap-on type), and they come in a variety of colors and finishes. In this tutorial, we'll be focusing solely on the metal ones.?

A grommet is comprised of two pieces: a male and a female. Since we’re not too crazy about that terminology, we took to the Internet to learn how others identify the grommet parts. We discovered the male section is considered the actual grommet and the female section is a washer.?

When these two parts are forced together, with fabric sandwiched in the middle, you end up with a fantastic looking, durable hole.

Grommets often serve a dual purpose in a project, a perfect blend of form and function. They add a certain industrial or modern look; in fact, sometimes their only job is to look cool as an embellishment. But, they usually have very defined purposes as channels, handle anchors, and more. You see grommets on garments, accessories, and certainly in plenty of home décor items.

Grommets are super along the top of a bag. We used them on our Trendy Drawcord Backpack as well as our Shoulder Sling Beach Bag so we could feed through a drawstring cord, creating an easy-access top closure.

You can use also grommets in combination with other metal finishes. In our Ribbon Flap Shoulder Bag?tutorial, we used grommets to secure the base of the shoulder strap. The metal of the side grommets complimented the twist lock closure on the front flap and added a very professional finish.

Sometimes all you need is one grommet. We used this approach in our Outdoor Mini Mats.?A single grommet was the perfect way to give the mats a way to be easily stored on a hook.

A pair of grommets is a classic way to create and/or finish a drawstring channel. We used this technique in our Fleece Lined Shoe Bag?as well as with small, colored eyelets for a set of Drawstring Gift Bags.

The sturdy nature of metal grommets was exactly what we needed for the handle in the Father's Day Tool Tub &; Tote. And they were just the ticket for the top of a designer Shower Curtain. They definitely added to the form and function of both these projects.?

Grommets and the tools you need to insert them are readily available at your local craft or fabric supplier (in store and online) as well as from many hardware suppliers. Depending on where you choose to purchase your grommets, there may be a few visual differences in the tools, but probably not as much variation in the grommets themselves. We collected a few different ones so you could see what we’re talking about.

The first time you purchase grommets, you should buy a kit.?Why? Because in a kit, you also get the tools needed for successful installation. It’s important to note that for each size grommet you buy, you need coordinating tools.?

Afterwards, you can simply buy the grommets only and re-use the original tool. Remember, when you change to a new size,?buy a new kit.

As we mentioned earlier, grommets are available in a range of sizes. They also come in a variety of finishes and colors.?

NOTE: The very tiny grommets (eyelets) shown below do not have two parts, they are all-in-one (more on these below).

The actual grommet installation “tools” can consist of a single grommet plier, or a combination of a setter and anvil.?Grommet Pliers?are normally used for small grommets and eyelets.?

For larger grommets, as we mentioned above, you use a setter and anvil?to exactly match the size of the grommet.

If you choose to purchase your grommet kit at a hardware store, or other professional tool supplier, the tool set may contain what’s called a grommet inserting die (looks a lot like the setter and anvil) and a hole cutter. Some may also include a cutting pad. Here's one example of a?higher end kit.

Depending on the type of fabric you're using in your project, you may need a strong layer of?interfacing?between or behind the fabric layers. It’s often recommended to use canvas instead of standard interfacing. If you do choose an interfacing, it should be a mid to heavy weight.

You need to accurately mark the position and spacing of each grommet. You can use a?fabric marking pen?that will disappear, or even a regular pencil or marker since you will be cutting out the center and covering the outer area with the actual grommet.

Once you mark the position of the grommets, you need to cut a precisely-sized hole (more on this in the steps below). Depending on the size of the grommet, that hole might be very tiny. Very sharp scissors?or an Xacto knife?are key to precise cutting.

You can use either in the installation. We prefer a mallet?because it more evenly distributes the force of the hammering.

Since you do have to actually hammer the grommets to secure them in place, you need a strong, sturdy work surface. Your glass coffee table would not be a good choice. A sturdy table or counter, or even the floor would be better.

As you saw in the Sew4Home examples above, grommets are often installed along the edge of a sewn project. So, we've chosen this as our example.

Whether you’ve sewn two layers right sides together creating a seamed edge or simply folded over the edge, before you install the grommets, the first step is to evaluate the need for interfacing.?In order for the grommets to have a nice tight fit and properly do their job, they have to be installed with a strong foundation. You can use a mid to heavyweight interfacing (fusible or sew-in) or a canvas layer.?


Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Jodi Kelly and Liz Johnson

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