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custom christmas gifts The Ghoulish Home Guide funny cushion covers

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If you are planning on having your children’s friends around for a Halloween party this year you want to be sure your home looks the part and ensures some spooky fun for all. The heating costs alone around this time of year might be frightening enough for you, but a gang of ghoulish tens year olds are made of much sterner stuff! To give some hint of what might await inside, really spend to some time creating some props for the front door.

They could be cobwebscustom christmas gifts, spiders or even a creepy silhouetted figure to give the impression of somebody hiding behind the door- when backlit this is really effective. You might also include title for your house that is a little more spine tingling than No. 42. Cut strings at various lengths and hang home made paper bats at various flying heights along the length of your hallway to create a treacherous journey into the main destination.

pillow sham pattern

The biggest change you can make in any room is by changing its colour. Obviously repainting would be a little too permanent a solution so instead use coloured light bulbs. Blood red or slime green would go down brilliantly. Next, prepare the food and lay out the table with a either a black cover sheet or an old lace table cloth complete with fake spider webs to create a spooky Victorian feel. Really finish off this look with some ornate mirrors, some old framed portraits from a junk shop and some heavy curtains that could be made makeshift with some discount fabrics that have an antique feel or pattern.

Remember, a truly successful party is one that doesn’t leave you clocking up the damage to your home the next day. A vital part of preparing the house is hiding anything you don’t want broken or anything that may be a hazard to youngsters. Give yourself plenty of time to give your home a thorough checking over. You might also want to decide where the main area of the party will be then take some measures to ensure the rest of the house remains off limits- that way you will have less to clean up the next day. You could incorporate this into the Halloween scheme by hanging foreboding scrolls and signs on the doors. Children have great imaginations so don’t get too carried away.

For kids, the most important part is usually the creative part so do lots of things that they can be involved in such as creating your own spooky art work or portraits. You could also create some Halloween themed invitation cards together so that your child has something to pass out in school and the parents of their guests have a written address and time to arrive written down. Lastly, don’t forget your own costume! As the designated tour guide to your haunted castle, a huge part of the night’s atmosphere will be down to you so you have to get in character- an oversize T shirt and slippers will not do!


We hope you’ve got your gift shopping sorted by the time Christmas Eve comes, giving you the day?to enjoy the festive anticipation and get some of Christmas?preparations?in place. Here’s what we’ve learned about having a pleasantly productive Christmas Eve, and?we hope it helps you too!?

These simple pocket pillows from The Sleeping Beauty Party were a breeze to make (with some help from my mama.) We finished up 20 in a few hours, assembly-line style! They were the perfect little handmade favor with a pouch for more take-home goodies.

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