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Good morning, my stenciling friends!? Cutting Edge Stencils is going to shine our stencil spotlight on a decorating painting company, Artisan Walls and Decor.? The company has designed residential and commercial spaces using our stencils and loves to use pattern to enhance each space. So let’;s take a look at what makes Artisan Walls and Decor so unique!

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Who is the designer behind Artisan Walls and Decor?

Meet?Michael Wiens MFA, Artist and Owner of Artisan Walls and Decor.? He is a decorative artist who specializes in bringing walls and tired furniture to life. He is an accomplished painter in Canada who provides his Clients with a hand painted touch for their space.?? Michael’;s primary goal is to make beautiful designs that are also affordable.? He comments, “;I bring something new to the table by combining our passion for unique, retro and vintage design with a practicalcustom christmas gifts, first hand knowledge of decorating and construction projects.”; Now let’;s look at some of his jaw-dropping gorgeous stenciled spaces!

We recently had the pleasure of communicating with Michael and he spilled the beans on his decorative painting business, thoughts on Cutting Edge Stencils, and stenciling.? Here is what he had to say:

“;As a Fine Art painter and a trades painter of 15 years, I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what goes on peoples’; walls. Paint and colour have an inherent way of refreshing and rejuvenating a living space, whereas art can help bring an interior space into focus. In 2014, while I was searching for alternative wall coatings I stumbled across Cutting Edge Stencils. With their vast selection of up-to-date trends in patterns, I was instantly on board with the idea of stenciling as a viable solution to the common problem that homeowners are faced with –; that is how to create a feature wall that exceeds the typical “;bold color”; solution, but also sidesteps the messy and often expensive process of gluing paper to a wall. sidenote: The cost and labour to remove and repair wallpapered walls often exceeds the initial cost to lay it down.”;

The Verde Damask Stencil.

The Verde Damask Stencil.

“;Shortly after discovering the world of stenciling, I began to offer patterned feature walls as an option to homeowners and designers through my company Artisan-Walls. ”;

A bedroom accent wall stenciled with the Hand Forged Allover Stencil.

“;Knowing I have a seemingly inexhaustible resource of pattern options through CES gives me the confidence to let my clients know that there is a solution out there that will be right for them. And more times then not, once a homeowner realizes how easily customizable their feature wall truly is, the next problem becomes how to narrow down their choices to just one pattern!”;

The Anna Damask Stencil.

The Anna Damask Stencil.

“;I recently have been taking requests to create wall panels as stand alone artworks. A decorative panel mounted to the wall has the potential to help unify the colors of an interior space, while fortify a specific pattern or theme envisioned by the designer. It also could be a good option if the customer is having trouble finding the right size and scale of artwork. With a growing stock of CES stencils to draw upon, my job as a decorative artist has now become increasingly more efficient, and I am able to achieve more ambitious deadlines without compromising quality or customer service.”;

A side panel painted with the Anna Damask Stencil.

If you happen to be in the Ontario, Canada area and are seeking a decorative painter, check out Artisan Walls and Decor.

Tell us, where have you considered using a stencil in your home? We’;d love to read your thoughts, so leave us a comment below!

Haven’t had enough stenciling fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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