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custom christmas gifts Gorgeous Self Ruffled Duvet Covers, Handmade in Natural Linen pillow case baby

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Our Self Ruffled duvet cover offers a touch of subtleelegance not often found in other leading brands. Imagine having something thisexquisite gracing your bed! Made of natural linen, our Self Ruffled duvet coveris not only lovely to look at but is soft, breathable, naturally hypoallergenicand bacteria resistant. Every ruffle is hand-stitched with careful precision,and its luxurious appearance belies that fact that it’s exceptionally durablewith an impressive ten year life span. Machine-washable and easy-to-storemakes it an outstanding choice for all discriminating customers.

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White Ruffle Duvet Cover

Nothing equals the perception of fresh breezes on spring day.With an air of simplicity, our ClassicWhite Ruffle Duvet Cover is both graceful and practical. Its softly flowingruffles are incredibly inviting and add a serene, romantic touch to any bedroom.

Stone Grey Ruffle Duvet Cover

Our Stone Grey Ruffle duvet cover emanates sophisticationand class. With its edging of soft rufflescustom christmas gifts, it invites calmness and composureat the end of a stressful day. Compatible with the shabby chic look, it is a perfectchoice for those who are drawn to subtle elegance while yearning for a quietretreat.

Blue Ruffle Duvet Cover

Imagine a seaside resort with blue skies, sparkling bluewaters and the sound of gulls. Peace and tranquility are signaled by our BlueRuffle Duvet Cover. Yarn dyed for long lasting color, our blue linen is bothrestful and refreshing. You will find yourself waking up with restored energyand clarity of mind.

Pink Ruffle Duvet Cover

Just like the tender color of a pink rosebud or the insideof a shell, our Pink Ruffle Duvet Cover is a gentle reminder of the power oflove and compassion. It is embracing and accepting and hints at femininity. Our100% prewashed linen is soft and cool to the touch yet brings warmth when it’sneeded. It’s hard to imagine that something this lovely is so easy to take careof and simple to store.

Soft White Ruffle Duvet Cover

Our Soft White Duvet Cover has a slightly more muted tonalquality than our classic White Duvet Cover.Its subtle simplicity resonates with comfort and practicality.Eco-friendly and healthy, it’s the perfect choice for those who value ourconnection with nature and treasures its gifts. Handmade with loving care, itis a testimony to true craftsmanship.

Industrial RusticGrey Ruffle Duvet Dover

Industrial Rustic Ruffle Duvet Cover sounds like anoxymoron, but actually it isn’t. There are those of us who value the qualitiesof order and practicality associated with the deeper colors of grey, but wealso value the joy and simplicity of rustic living. Whether you envision livingin a loft or a country cottage, our Industrial Rustic Ruffle Duvet Cover is aperfect blend of both.

Natural Linen Ruffle Duvet Cover

If you have sensitive skin or simply want to minimize yourexposure to impurities, our Natural Linen Ruffle Duvet Cover is perfect foryou. Imagine sleeping under a duvet cover that has absolutely no dye orcoloring and is naturally hypoallergenic! Prewashed, it just gets softer andsofter with use. Even with frequent laundering, it will continue to protect youand your family from irritants for years to come.

Duck Egg Blue RuffleDuvet Cover

For those of you who may never have seen a duck egg, it isthe most delicate blue found in nature. When you incorporate our duck-egg bluenatural linen into your decorating scheme, it gives tribute to everything newand emerging. Incredibly soft yet strong and enduring, our Duck Egg Blue RuffleDuvet Cover will gently remind you of new beginnings and bring you freshinsights after a night of exquisite rest.

Black and WhiteStriped Duvet Cover with Ruffle Hem

This classic look is reminiscent of time when life was lesscomplicated and when there seemed to be more clarity in our everydayactivities. For a no-nonsense look with a flirty touch of ruffles gracing theedges, nothing beats our black and white striped duvet cover for timelessserenity. Stitched by hand, durable, and machine-washable, it adds ageless distinctionto every bedroom decor.

All of our linen beddings are handmade one piece at a time, impeccable finishing and sewing techniques, superb craftmahship. We pack them just before shipping, no more stacking in the warehouse for months.

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