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custom christmas gifts Gorgeous DIY Lace Pencil Skirt customized baby gifts

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Today’s contributor is Jill?from Snugglebug University.? All posts written by Jill?for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.

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Hi, it’s Jill from Snugglebug University.? Today, I have a lace pencil skirt DIY to share with you!

It’;s not too often that I sew for myself, which is maybe why I love this project so much.? While shopping this past December I saw a lace pencil skirt that I loved, but it was a bright green and $100.? At the time, I didn’;t think an emerald green skirt would be super versatile.

I decided to make my own!

After a quick trip to the fabric store, I had some ivory colored lace (which I thought would be perfect for Easter, spring weddings, and even a date night!) and was able to make this lace pencil skirt for less than $20!

This lace pencil skirt has a satin lining and lace exterior.? As you can see, it is relatively form-fitting. Since I tailored the skirt to my own measurementscustom christmas gifts, it fits pretty well!? That’;s one big advantage to making your own clothes!? You can make it fit you the way that you want!

There’;s a slit in the back, which makes moving in the skirt a lot easier.? Since the skirt is made of lace that isn’;t particularly stretchy, it’;s important to make sure that it’;s possible to move easily in it.

The skirt has a waistband and a zipper closure in the back.

I’;m really excited to wear this skirt.? It will pair well with a red sweater for Valentine’;s day, and maybe a pastel shirt for Easter.? I’;m even thinking I could pair it with a jacket for a little more feminine work “;suit”; option. It seems like such a versatile addition to any wardrobe!? Now my kids are even asking for their own lace skirts!

Alright, who is ready for the tutorial?

The skirt is made up of a waistband, a skirt front, and 2 skirt back pieces.? When it comes to drafting the pattern, it is easiest to draw up the pattern pieces from a skirt that fits well.? It’;s important though that you pick a skirt that is not made out of stretchy material, such as a knit.? This skirt will not have a lot of give or stretch, so you need to take this into account when drafting the skirt pattern or it will not fit.)

I simply carefully traced my skirt.? Then I added seam allowances when I cut out my pieces from the fabric.? My “;pattern”; skirt had pockets, but I simply omitted those.

I created a waistband front and waistband back pattern piece based on my “;pattern skirt”;.? For the waistband, you will use these pattern pieces to cut out two pieces from the lining fabric (one reverse) and one from the lace for the front waistband and each side waistband respectively. The main skirt pieces will need to be cut from lining material and lace. I cut the lining skirt pieces a few inches shorter than the lace ones.

You’;ll just need a few measurements, and you can draft the pattern from those measurements.? Just make sure you add extra allowances for seams.? Also, It is helpful to take additional measurements in your hip region, so that you know you are drawing your curves correctly. A good resource for drafting your own pencil skirt is this tutorial by Sew So Easy.

Begin by finishing any edges as desired.

Next place the right sides of the front and back of the main section of the skirt together.? Sew each side.? Repeat for the lace front.

Then sew the three waistband pieces of the lining together at the side seams.? Place the right sides together and sew.

For the front side of the waistband, include both a lace and a lining layer.? Here place the lace on top of each of the lining pieces and sew right “;sides”; together.

Hem the base of skirts as desired.? I added a very slight hem to the lining, because I didn’;t want to add extra bulk.? I didn’;t do any hem for the lace.

Adjust the skirt pieces to fit your waistband.? When I drafted my pattern, I left a little bit of space for a dart on each side of the back of the skirt.? Then, using my previous skirt as a guide, I added one dart to each side of the skirt (I added to both the lace exterior and the lining).

Now normally for a lined skirt you’;d put the “;nice”; side of the lining on the inside (facing your legs).? However, because my lace was pretty see through, I didn’;t want the unfinished edge facing up.

This makes things a little bit complicated.? For the lining and the lining waistband, you are going to pin the right side of the waistband to the WRONG side of the lining.? This is because you want the right side of the lining to be facing outward because your lace is see through.??? See here I put the “;right”; side of my waistband to the “;wrong”; side of my main skirt piece?

Then place the right sides of the lace waistband and the lace front together. You can match up the side seams and pin them together. Finally, sew the waistband to the lining.

Fold the skirt in half, with the right sides together. Measure 8.5inches down from the top of the waistband, and sew until 7 inches from the bottom (or however long you want your slit to be).? Do this for both the lace layer and the lining layer.

Hem the sides of each of the slits.

Now it’;s time to add the invisible zipper.

With the right side of your skirt facing up, place your zipper face down as shown, aligning the zipper with just one side of the opening.?

Now, place this lace skirt inside of the lining, such that the right sides of each waistband are facing each other.

Next, change your machine to the zipper foot. Sew just this one side of the zipper, as far as you can go with the zipper open.? Go slowly and sew close to the zipper teeth.? When you are done with this side, it should look like this when you turn the skirt right side out.

Position the zipper on the other side of the skirt just as you just did with the other side.? Sew. Once you are finished you only have the base area of the zipper to sew.? You can try to do this with the machine, or if you are worried that the fabric may get scrunched up, you can finish it by hand as I did.

Upon finishing you should have the skirt outside and the lining completely attached at the zipper.

At this point all that is left to sew is the waistband top.? Now place the right sides of the waistbands together, and sew all around the top of the skirt. Turn right side out.

If you’;d like you can “;sew in the ditch”; to sew the front and back of the waistband together. You can also tack the slit in the back together, if the many layers are difficult to maneuver.

The lace pencil skirt is all finished!

Happy sewing everyone!


You can follow Jill on her blog (, on instagram, on pinterest, and on faceboook.

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