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custom christmas gifts Fab Fermob’s Outdoor Furniture INDOORS geometric cushion covers

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Sally Schneider

Having bought vintage?furniture years ago that I still love, I rarely buy a new piece unless?I really need it (and/or see something SO spectacular, I can’;t resist). ?And what I needed when I moved into my Harlem?space was a table for the terrace. I?fell in love with the Fermob Tertio table because it’;s stylish enough to use?INSIDE as well (emulating the?brilliant?interior designer?Andrée Putman’;s use of vintage garden chairs in her utterly chic dining room.)

accent pillow case baby canvas boudoir

It has the same lines as a mid-century table I saw years ago.

Apartment Therapy

I?wanted the table in white, envisioning it working in various spots in my space, including as a bed tablecustom christmas gifts, and spot?for reading.

Sally Schneider

Since it was summer, I wanted the table right away and discovered that many colors of Fermob have to be special ordered. I originally bought a handsome black version, but eventually swapped it for the lighter-looking white.

Sally Schneider

The Tertio table has been worth every penny. I’;ve since bought other Fermob pieces, including a rectangular folding table from Fermob’;s most recognizable, classic bistro line with a folding stand?similar to the one below…;

Mark Roper for Homelife

…;as well as?the classic folding chairs, which grace many a French interior.

Claire Richardson for French Home

…;and come in an array of colors…;

Apartment Therapy

Because all my?pieces fold, they can be stashed in unlikely places, perfect for my constantly changing life. I store this handy little vintage?table?picked up at a flea market years ago behind the terrace door, held in place by a bungee cord. Since the door is always open when my friends and I sit out there, no one knows it’;s there.

Sally Schneider

Established in the 1950’;s, Fermob continues to innovate, collaborating with interesting designers (including Andrée Putman). ?I am smitten?with their Origami table, below.


It works fine in an entranceway, at the foot of a bed, as a dining bench…;as do their other benches (which go curiously well with antiques of all kinds).


The Believe bench and table in a LOUD color are pretty swell as well…;


Fermob is not cheap. Used pieces can sometimes be found on Ebay and Etsy?under search word “;Fermob”; or “;French bistro furniture”;. Look closely when buying a copy.

If you are thinking of buying Fermob for outdoors, now’;s the time as some?pieces take two or three months to deliver.

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