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custom christmas gifts Fab Color-Tinted Plywood geometric cushion covers

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Stephen Wilde

As fans of plywood for its economical, elemental, very modern possibilities for stylish interiorscustom christmas gifts, we are smitten with bright blue-stained plywood used in Vancouver’;s Kin Kao Restaurant. Local Scott &; Scott Architects?choose plywood to use in tandem with readily available materials, including painted concrete, soaped beech, and galvanized metal. Their clever technique of using construction-grade Douglas fir plywood washed with a thinned application of the blue floor paint is one that would work wonderfully at home.

accent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift

Stephen Wilde

The wash of blue allows the grain of the plywood to show through.

Stephen Wilde

3/4-inch plywood lends itself to clean, modern design.

Stephen Wilde

…;Whether you go for the blue-wash or not,?Scott &; Scott Architects?essential plywood design makes a great starting point for an island or table.

Stephen Wilde

Via Remodelista

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While we’ve written about the best?baby-food-makers,?baby turban trends, and the best bassinets?before, here we’re going deep on the best bedside bassinets on Amazon, according to the people.

I did a couple of DIY Christmas cards?this year. One using very traditional colors, and the other more modern. I like them both!

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