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custom christmas gifts Cuddly Raccoon Rice Pillow & A Fabric Giveaway! customized gifts for mom

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Do y’;all love Spoonflower? I do, and it’;s not just because that’;s where I sell my fabric. I also love their weekly contest. I don’;t always enter but I love seeing what everyone come up with when challenged with a theme. Last week designers were invited to create a sleeve for a rice or corn pillow. The kind that you heat in the microwave and then use on aches and pains. The art had to feature a cuddly critter and all instructions to sew up the removable sleeve. Our friend Sonya from Parlor helped me come up with this adorable raccoon version with TWO pillows. One for your head and one for your tum. Head over to Spoonflower to check out all the entries and vote for your favorite(s)custom christmas gifts, ours I hope! Come back and leave a comment and next week we will pick one winner to receive our Cut and Sew Cuddly Raccoon Pillow fabric panel. It will also be available for sale to the public as soon as we test the pattern!

If you are thinking of decorating your guest room or spare room perhaps you're looking for a theme or maybe you just want to create a mood that is calm and welcoming but at the same time functional. There is a very popular trend at the moment to decorating bedrooms with a vintage style of décor; bedrooms decorated in this style often invoke a sense of romance and return to a by-gone era of simple elegance.

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Three years ago is when I got into wearing lashes. ?After realizing how amazing they look in my youtube videos, I was hooked ever since. Whenever I don’t have the right pair of lashes on to an event or on video, I feel so incomplete. It feels like wearing an ugly pair of shoes with a cute outfit. Once you find that perfect pair (False Lashes 101 coming soon!) you’ll never want to go lash-less again! I used to wonder why can’t my eye makeup pop like the actors?on the red carpet? Now I realized you can easily instantly?look sultry, dolled up, or glamorous just with the right pair of false lashes.

The Kihei Grab Bag?by Paradiso Designer Cheryl Kuczek.

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