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custom christmas gifts Back On Track with a Lean Cuisine Guarantee #WowThatsGood personalised mothers day gifts

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Okay, okay. ?I ate a LOT of Christmas cookies this year. :P I don’;t feel guilty, I had a wonderful time at all the Christmas parties, and really enjoyed the indulgent baking with my daughter (the budding chef)! ?I didn’;t do too much damage on the scale, but I don’;t feel too great. ?Do you have that sometimes? ?When I fall into those less healthy habits, I just feel sluggish. ?So, now that the festivities are overcustom christmas gifts, it’;s time to go back to more balanced lifestyle choices. ?More activity, fewer second helpings (and no more cookies for breakfast, haha). ?I want to get my energy back, and get back in the swing of things! ?So it’;s perfect timing to take advantage of Walmart’;s Lean Cuisine Feel Great Money Back Guarantee. ?Just buy any ten Lean Cuisine Meals at Walmart between now and February 15, and if you don’;t feel great, Walmart will refund your purchase up to $25!

See, this is perfect for me…; just because the busy holidays are over, it doesn’;t mean I suddenly have lots of time to cook. ?If you read here you know –; an hour or less. ?That’;s all the free time I have each day. ?I don’;t want to spend it in the kitchen every day. ?And our mornings are totally hectic –; I am running out the door in a rush every. single. morning. ?But rather than swinging through the drive through, it only takes me 3 minutes to make up a turkey sausage and egg white english muffin for a hot breakfast instead. ?Bringing a Lean Cuisine meal with me for lunch is fast and easy too! ?Just because I don’;t have time for prep and cooking, it doesn’;t mean I have to run out for a burger and fries at lunch. ?I don’;t even like fast food, honestly –; but when I have an empty frig and it’;s time to hit the road, my choices are pretty limited. ?It’;s been sort of a “;duh!”; moment to realize, we have a freezer and a microwave at work –; it’;s actually really easy to make smarter lunch choices!

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The Lean Cuisine line includes great meals and snacks like the classic macaroni and cheese and sesame chicken, and the new stuffed pretzels and Wrap Additions. ?So whether you’;re looking to swap out one meal choice or revamp your entire meal plan, there is a huge selection available at Walmart.

While I was shopping, I also picked up a couple treats for myself. ?The key for me is to indulge just a little. ?I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and I am a sucker for dessert. ?If I want something sweet and try to ignore it, I just end up more hungry. ?I love these Skinny Cow Divine Chocolates. ?There’;s just three pieces in there –; enough to satisfy the sweets craving without going crazy.

?Out of the ten meals and snacks I tried to get back on track and feeling good, I was most impressed with the new Creamy Balsamic Chicken Wrap Additions (and there are other flavors too!) ?I picked up taco-sized tortillas for making up my wraps (thinking, portion control probably means there’;s not much in there) but I was surprised that using the small shells actually gives you two wraps from one package! ?These are one of my new favorite meals. ?Yum.

I can also make a smarter choice when I get to work with CoffeeMate’;s Sugar Free coffee creamers. ?Because there’;s no way I’;m giving up my coffee. ?Fact.

Not only am I feeling better about my food choices, I’;m also making an effort to be a little more active. ?I’;m not the type to join a gym, but activities like taking turns shoveling the driveway and playing with Raya are easy ways to get off the couch and get moving. ?We’;ve gone outside to play in the snow, and when it’;s just too cold out, that girl LOVES to dance! ?Not only is it making me feel like *I* have more energy, but the bonus is, she is taking better naps because she is also more active. ?(Win-win!!) ?I want to set a good example for my kids, and I don’;t want them to end up being couch potatoes just because I don’;t have energy. ?Kids need to run and play –; and there’;s no reason for me not to join in!

There are a LOT of simple ways to get back on track without the traditional diet-and-gym routine. ?Do you have any tips that make you feel great without feeling like you’;re working hard or depriving yourself? ?Leave a comment and share!

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