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custom christmas gifts 7 Decorating Rules You Can Break funny cushion covers

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Perhaps the most important rule to remember in decorating is – there are no rules. Sure, there are basic principles and guidelines to help you along the way, but nothing is set in stone.? In fact, one of the keys to really great interior design is individuality – and if we all followed the same rules, our homes would be boringly similar. With that in mindcustom christmas gifts, here are seven decorating “rules” we say are well worth breaking.

1. Wood Finishes Should Match

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When all the wooden surfaces in a room have the same finish, the result can be flat and static, as if everything were bought together at once instead of collected over time. A variety of finishes adds interest and depth, and helps your décor feel natural rather than forced. Just be sure to balance the different finishes throughout your space so things don’t look lopsided.2. Small Rooms Require Small Furnishings

Filling a small room with lots of small furniture can actually emphasize its size, making it feel cramped and doll-like. Instead of focusing on the room’s dimensions, pay attention to how you use the space. A few well-chosen large pieces can actually make a room feel bigger and function better.3. Stick to One Style

A room furnished exclusively with pieces from one time period can feel more like a museum than a home.? And when everything is the same style, nothing stands out. So accent your favorite French country furnishings with bold contemporary art or blend some rustic industrial pieces into your traditional décor – a little bit of the unexpected adds a whole lot of character.4. Don’t Mix Metals

Worried that the light fixture you love isn’t the same finish as your cabinet hardware? Don’t be. Different metals – and even the same metal with different textures – can live together beautifully. Just try to have two or three pieces of each in the room so nothing looks accidental.5. A Living Room Needs a Sofa

Don’;t let what works for others dictate your décor. Your living room needs to function well for the way you live. So while a room centered on a sofa is ideal for many, perhaps you’d prefer a cozy mix of chairs and ottomans for reading and conversation or a daybed for napping and lounging. Define your space; don’;t let it define you.6. Buy Furniture in Sets

You found the bed of your dreams – that doesn’t mean you have to buy the matching nightstands and dresser, too. Decorating isn’t about perfectly matched sets, it’s about finding pieces you love that work well together. Surround your dining table with mismatched yet complementary chairs. Place a small writing desk beside your bed instead of a nightstand. Make choices that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle.7. Paint Small Rooms Light Colors

Conventional wisdom says that light colors make a room feel more open and airy – and that’s true. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are your only option for small spaces. Dark, rich colors can create an illusion of depth that expands a room. For added impact, take the color right up onto the ceiling (and break another rule in the process: “ceilings must be white”).

There is one rule of decorating, though, that you should never break: have fun! When you create a space that truly makes you happy, you can’t go wrong.

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