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custom christmas gifts 6 Unique DIY Stencil Projects Under $50 Personality linen pillow covers

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There are so many ways to use?stencils on and off the wall.? If you want designer décor in your home but can’t afford designer prices, stencils are the perfect solution. Often trendy wallpaper and fabrics are hundreds of dollars but you can easily create the same looks with designer wall stencils that can be used on ?floors, furniture, fabric and much more! Wall stencils are an ideal DIY alternative to wallpaper or ?wall decals for practical purposes and also for decorating on a budget. Your possibilities are endless and you can transform a space for under $20.

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1.??Stencil a Feature Wall: You don’t have to cover every inch of a room with pattern to make a big difference. Try doing an accent wall behind your bed or in your living to add a pop of pattern and color. Instead of buying the Imperial Trellis wallpaper for $127 a yard try the Trellis Allover stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils for $39.95 which has a similar feel. Below is a customer photo submitted by Jojo of a feature wall she did with the Trellis Allover stencil. Isn’;t it awesome?

2.?Go from drap to fab: Buy cheap plain curtains and stencil an Ikat stencil pattern on them for a glamorous tribal look. Ikat patterns are allover the fashion and design world right now and are some of my personal favorites. I got this shower curtain ?for $14.95 (also had white ones for $8) and love how adding the Ikat pattern makes my whole bathroom look so chic and glamorous. The Ikat Samarkand?stencil is great and only costs $46.95 (don’t forget, you can always use the stencil for lots of other DIY projects because it is absolutely reusable).

3.?Trashy to Classy: Up-cycle a piece of furniture you found for $10 at a garage sale or may have even picked up from the neighborhood sidewalk (no shame in recycling custom christmas gifts, right?). Try a fast and easy DIY project with a craft size stencil like the Outside of the Box craft stencil only $17.95. Make a big difference in a short amount of time. It’s great because you can customize the paint colors and stencil to fit your space perfectly.

4. Floor Galore! Push the boundaries and stencil your floor. Choose an allover stencil pattern or make your project fast and easy with a wall art Stencil like the Anemone Grande stencil, $24.95 for a dramatic look without a lot of time and effort.

5. ?Accent Pillows: Stenciling a pillow is a really fast easy project that will add a nice touch of style and design to any space. Try the Nagoya craft stencil for only $17.95 and see the transformation.

6.?Wall Art: Can’t paint on your wall because you are a renter or you don’t want to make the commitment? Buy some cheap canvases and create a trendy triptych. Try the Dandelion flower?stencil $24.95 and have the seeds floating across the three canvases for a cohesive piece.

As you see there are so many options when it comes to stenciling projects and we have really only touched upon a few of them in this post. You can literally stencil your floors, rugs, pillows, curtains, walls, clothes, holiday cards, ceilings, canvas, mirrors, furniture, lamp shades and more! We have had bloggers who have stenciled their washing machine and sliding shower door! Your imagination is your limit so let it fly!

Thanks for stopping by and please keep in touch for many more posts to come : )

Yours truly,

Gabi &; the Cutting Edge Stencils Team

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