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Bath bombs are an absolute hit! They seem to be everywhere these days. And no wonder –; dreamily fragrant and ridiculously cute, these little fuzzy goodies add a touch of fun and glamour to your tub. Although you can easily buy some online (as well as in most drugstores and cosmetics shops), it is by far more fun to make some yourself. Besides, homemade bath bombs are less likely to irritate your skin, and you can customize them in a variety of cool ways. Interested? If socustom christmas gifts, this article is just the thing for you! Below you will learn?how to make bath bombs for yourself, your friends and your family. In addition, you will also find over 100 gorgeous examples of the most indulging, luxurious bath treats ever created. And if you are looking for more cool handmade projects, check out our DIY section. And now, let’;s get started!

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On to our first tutorial! We’;ve decided to start with something simple, versatile and pretty –; colorful bath bombs with orange zest and lavender essential oil. They are not only refreshing but also haver a calming and relaxing effect.

You will need:


Step two –; adding the water, oil and fragrance

Step three –; combining everything

Step four –; molding

And here is a comprehensive and fun video tutorial you can try:

Our next tutorial is colorful and fun –; learn how to make bath bombs which look like scrumptious, colorful donuts!??

You will need:


Can you believe that you only need a handful of ingredients to create these amazing donut bath bombs?

Sprinkles are a key ingredient!

Make sure the mixture is smooth and evenly distributed

?Here is an adorable alternative version of the donut idea:

Stunning DIY geode bath bombs!

Easter might be over, but these adorable egg-shaped bath bombs will keep a smile on your face all year round! Learn how to make them below

You will need:


To make things easier, here is a comprehensive step by step photo tutorial, explaining?the process:

Aren’;t they beautiful?

Why not make your very own cupcake bath bombs? Learn how in this nifty video:

Using the same method and ingredients, you can create many fun and original bath bombs. Try experimenting with different essential oils and colorings for cute and unique results!

Making this is a piece of cake –; literally!

How to make bath bombs? Just use your imagination!

Aren’;t these panda bear fizzies adorable?

The perfect handmade gift for Valentine’;s Day!

DIY lavender scented bath bombs will help you unwind after a long day

Treat yourself to a VIP bath experience!

These ice cream popsicle bath bombs look good enough to eat!

Ultra realistic mineral stone bath bomb

We love this little citrus owl!

If you are too buys to make your own bath bombs –; brands like Lush have some amazing selections!

A dose of magic for your bath tub!

Pumpkin spice bath bomb? Yes, please!

This little gem is a true piece of art!

A heart-warming handmade gift for your friends and loved ones

Star Wars bath bombs? Why not!

Something for ladies with a sense of humor –; grow your own boyfriend bath bomb!

Dried flower petals add a beautiful, romantic touch

Herbal bath bomb tablets

Black bath bombs are the newest craze

Pop one in your bath and enjoy a magical display

How to make bath bombs in lots of vibrant colors:

Feel like royalty with these amazing golden bath bombs!

A special something for the 4th of July!

You can make bath bombs with so many ingredients –; even rolled oats!

Add a gothic twist to your bath time!

Hide an engagement ring in a home made bath bomb and surprise?your partner with a truly unique?proposal

DIY bath bombs make great Birthday and Christmas gifts!

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