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custom christmas gifts ▷1001 Ideas for Easter Crafts for Kids and Parents personalised mothers day gifts

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With three weeks left to Easter, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the spring festivities. As you know from our article about dying and decorating eggs, we simply adore this holiday! It’;s colorful, fun, and brings families together. To make this Easter even more special, we decided to share some of our favorite DIY projects. We have gathered tons of great Easter crafts for kids as well as parents –; from simple and easy suggestions, ideal for tiny hands, to more complex projectscustom christmas gifts, better suited for older children, moms and dads.

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How about making little pompom chick ornaments?

What you’;ll need:


These little hand-crafted ornaments are not only adorable and great for decorative purposes, but they also make very good gifts, especially when combined with sweets or chocolate!?It is worth noting that older kids can easily complete the project on their own, but youngsters under 6 should be supervised, especially while using scissors.

To make things even easier, here is a photo tutorial of the entire process:

We stuck to yellow but if you prefer, you can use thread in different colors

Ready in just a few easy steps!

Aren’;t they cute? Your kids will love making them!

And since most children love nature, we decided to include another animal-related tutorial. Adorable, fun to make and easy as pie, this little lamb craft is perfect for youngsters over 6.

What you’;ll need:

? Instructions:

These photos will guide you through the process:

If your children are younger than six, cut out the shapes needed for the lamb’;s body, and prepare the cotton bud tips for them

Be careful not to use too much glue!

To get the best results, the entire surface of the lamb’;s body must be covered with cotton tips

Draw a cute lamb’;s face

Clothespins make great legs for your lamb, and will also keep it in the upright position

Your Easter lamb ornament is ready!?

And, of course, no Easter party will be complete without the Easter bunny!?

What you’;ll need:


You don’;t need a lot of materials to recreate this cute bunny paper craft:

We used pale purple paper but you can choose any color you like!

How cute is this face?

Every bunny needs a soft, fluffy tail!

These paper lilies are a great project not only for Easter, but also for Mother’;s Day, and other spring festivities

What you’;ll need:


Be prepared to help your child with the cutting process, if needed

Simple, yet amazingly effective and realistic!

Eggs are Easter’;s best known symbol! You can make these nifty decorations with a handful of household items

What you’;ll need:


You can make a garland by stringing the egg ornaments together, or just use them for Easter decorations around the house.

One of the easiest (and most fun) Easter crafts for kids?

Experiment with different colors and patterns.

Here is a similar suggestion, with little chick figurines

Kids will love this easy “;hatching egg”; crafts project!

What you’;ll need:


This project is easy-peasy, and we guarantee that younger children will love playing with the hatching egg!

Make sure that the two halves of the egg align well with the clothespin

Try drawing funny faces on the chick

Cool easter crafts for kids –; hatching egg

If your children want to make Easter presents for their friends, this mason jar is an excellent idea:?

Just place some Easter glass inside…;

…;add a chocolate bunny and some sweets…;

…;close the lid, and and decorate it with a ribbon. Voila!

These no-mess easter bunny and moss terrariums are beautiful and easy to make:

Smaller mason jars can be transformed into Easter decorations!

Here is another cool version of this idea

Easter crafts for kids –; build your own peep sundae!

These cute bunny hats are a great addition to your Easter party:

How cute is this pineapple egg? It’;s one of our most original easter crafts for kids!

Your little ones’; fingerprints can be transformed into Easter art!

Simple and fun –; one of our favorite?easter crafts for kids. Its super easy and suitable even for toddlers!

The materials you’;ll need are glue, scissors, eye stickers, a paper plate, and two sheets of colored card in yellow and orange:

Generously cover the plate with glue and cut the yellow card in small chunks

A fun and easy project, which your little ones are sure to love!

Paper plates can also be used to make cute masks:

Let’;s not forget the many Easter crafts for kids involving eggs:

Isn’;t this bunny garland adorable?

Potato egg-shaped stamps –; easy Easter crafts for kids

Decorate juice boxes with Easter motifs:

Non-toxic and nature friendly Easter crafts for kids: decorating eggs with seeds

Easter tree? Why not!?Children will love decorating it and making the ornaments!

The perfect Easter gift for mom:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this: everyone loves pasta. Doesn’t matter whether they’re gourmet pastas or everyday supermarket brands, pasta is awesome, regardless of where your stomach stands on the whole carbs issue.

I’m not usually one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. But, I always love taking pics of my girl and I love scrapbooking, so I decided to create a scrapbook page highlighting recent photos of my daughter as my “lucky charm”. I’ll walk you through how I created this simple layout.

Sharing a Fabulous coordinating Keepsake Box and Card I made for a good friend who recently moved away {Sad Tears} using some cute Coffee Bean ?CANDi’s

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